Data Analysis

Multiple Choice Questions Analysis:

Open Ended Questions Analysis:
RespondentsIf yes, please elaborate how, and do you do anything about it? (Q2)If yes, please explain how.If no, why not?(Q4) If yes, which of them do you take part in? (Q7)How do you use water in school? (Q8) If yes, why? If no , why not? (Q10)
1They play with the water cooler.Turn the tap off when not using, like brushing teeth.drink, wash handsWater is not an unlimited source, it runs out everyday, and with the problem of global warming, water is decreasing at an alarming rate. if we do nothing to prevent it, the world would soon become droughts and everyone will perish from thirst and dehydration.
2When they press the tap, sometimes the tap is spoilt thus it keeps running and students don't take noticeI do not leave the tap on while washing the dishes Wash my handsPeople take it for granted the water they have and waste it just like that.
3Someone left the water cooler fountain running, so I put things right and offed it.I only reuse water is use (e.g. use water to wash vegetable to wash plantsdrinkyes as later no water
4They never check if the tap is really fully turned off. I help to turn it off.Because water importantI drink a lot of water during cca and s&wMany less developed countries have not enough water
5They refill their water bottle because the water isn't cold and they pour away the water in their bottle if its still not cold.I conserve water at home. I use rice water to water the plant.I use it to wash my hands, wash things and drinkingIt was because water is precious
6ALways use 1/2 flushDrinkingFresh water is precious, however people are using it for stupid purposes like letting the water from the tap run.
7Using only the water that I need.To wash hands like employeesYes, water is crucial and valid resource and it is sad people tai it for granted.
8I always make sure I use minimal water when doing anything to do with water.Drinking and washing hands.More and more people are taking the supply of water for granted.
9by not wasting waterDrinking and in the toilet.People do not understand the importance of water and take it for granted, they do not know that there is water poverty around the world, they do not think that it will effect them.

Advertisements in the forms of wake up calls or surprise pictures can convey the message to save water, activities will work too.
10Cause water is very important!!!For drinking and washing of handsAs fresh water is precious, but we are wasting it everyday.
11Sometimes I'm not conscious of water conservation.Drinking, washing handsI have no idea. I guess they are either too rich or spoiled.
12Every day, I use a mug to collect water to brush my teeth and not let it continuously run.Drinking? Flushing toilet, wash face and mouth.pure water is running out and is becoming more scarce.
13I wash my hands after going to the toliet. I use the water cooler to refill my water bottle Many people are unaware of the world's decreasing supply of water and continue to waste them, taking their supply of water for granted.

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