Discussion of Findings

Discussion of Findings:

Based on the results, shown in the table below, 60% of the respondents have seen their peers and schoolmates wasting water in SST. They said that they wouldn’t do anything if they saw their friends waste water as it won’t affect them, directly though. 10% of the respondents have admitted that they do not conserve water in SST. Some ways stated by the respondents, to conserve water are not leaving the tap on while brushing their teeth or when doing the dishes, and also using water that they used to wash vegetable and fruits to water their plants. They admitted that they conserve water at their homes, better than in SST. 
10% of the respondents say that there are water conservation efforts in SST, while on the contrary, 90% of them say that there are no efforts to conserve water in SST. All of the respondents admitted that even if there are efforts put in to conserve water, none of them take part,as they are too busy with other things like projects and homework, and also as they are not paying for the water bills so they take it for granted.
All of them think that wasting water is causing more problems in our current society.Which showed that water was harder to get and one cause would be water wastage.Another example is that since water is so expensive due to the scarcity of it, countries like Africa cannot afford it causing Africans to die of dehydration. 
They think that we should not take water for granted as it is very precious. From all of this data collation, we have found out that SST students have a really good attitude towards saving water outside of SST but their attitude towards water conservation is not very good in SST itself.
From this, we can find out that the attitude towards saving water, from the 20 respondents,is not very good in SST.

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