Water Management In Singapore

Summary- Singapore is scarce in resources like water. So PUB (Public Utilities Board) had made the NEWater program so dirty water can be used for daily life. They took 20 years to make the Marina Catchment, a huge reservoir. PUB's success in Singapore was due to no corruption , lots of education and promotion based on meritcoracy.With such a small country like Singapore being able to have such a good way of renewing compared to bigger countries with more government  means that those countries should wolk harder.Singapore has one of the best urban water managements.

Strategies for Developing Water-Conscious Communities: 
An Analysis of Water Conservation in Tucson, Arizona 

A survey with questions about the causes of household water conservation and the effectiveness of existing programs was conducted. The survey was designed to collect information about 3 household predictors of water conservation behavior over the past ten years. Surveys were distributed in both electronic and paper formats through the neighborhood associations. Ninety-three households which is sixty-nine percent of Tucson neighborhoods. Tucson Water’s toilet rebate has been highly utilized, with 78% of eligible households taking the rebate.The state’s rainwater harvesting and graywater system tax credit has been less successful, with 28% of eligible households taking the credit. Finally, Tucson Water’s Zanjero Program was poorly utilized, with only 5% of households taking advantage of the program.

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Why conserve water?

We use water everyday, we use it for many things. One thing we need to consider is our attitude towards water conservation. It is our responsibility to conserve water. Water conservation is the responsibly of every individual who has, needs, and wants access to life sustaining amount of water. We all enjoy the many benefits of pure and clean water. Only about 3% of the water on Earth is drinkable, and this is all we've got to sustain life on Earth. We need to save water in order that life continues on Earth. Water is a very essential part of our life. We should change our attitude towards conserving water soon.

Water in the current day and future

This article talks about how we use water in our daily lives and how we can save it for the future. An average person uses about 378.541 litres of water a day. Countries such as Utah use their water mainly for public supply and industrial work. Utah is only using a small percent of water per day compared to other countries. Water can't be gained, only reused, that is why it is very important to save water. In Today's modern world, the human population is using more water than the past. The population of humans is ever rising, but our water supply is not. We should start conserving water by taking small steps at a time. The world has to take precautions so as not to suffer in the near future. We should take action now, to prevent a bigger problem in the future.

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