Justification Report

Group members:

Ryan Ng
Aniksha Malik
Julian Kok
Eldrick Sim


Research Topic: Water

Chosen Area of Focus: An investigation of SST students' attitude towards water conservation in school.

Framing our research topic
Sustainability (water)
Our chosen area of focus is “SST students’ attitude towards water conservation”. We have chosen this topic as water is needed in everyday life, for drinking, showering, cooking etc. In 2003, 165 litres of water was used per day, per person, now it is 152 litres per day, per person. Even though Singapore cleans waste water, water in Singapore isn’t unlimited, however, a lot of people still leave the tap on while brushing their teeth or bathe for over 10 minutes even though they have no need to bathe for that long. Every minute in a shower is 9 litres of water used but some people just shower for over 10 minutes which is 90 litres of water used just for a shower.Surveys could be carried out to ask the public on why simple things like switching off the tap while brushing their teeth or switching off the tap while cleaning the plates and on the water when ready to rinse the plates.

Reasons for choice of topic

  • Water is important in our daily lives, we chose it as it is important to the survival and life of mankind.
  • Water is being wasted drastically despite it being a limited resource.
  • We can better understand the importance of water and learn to use it wisely..
  • By choosing and researching on this topic, we can also spread awareness on how water is being used in Singapore, particularly in the SST community.
  • As we use water in our daily lives, it would be interesting and meaningful to go in-depth about it.

Feasibility of the research
  • Getting results would be easier but we can conduct surveys among SST students as well as read up from researches others have done, before us.By doing this, we would be able to get data about SST student's attitude towards water conservation in SST.
  • Working on this topic might be a little challenging as we would have to ask others about how they conserve water and what are their thoughts about water conservation.
  • We can approach the board in SST which deals with the water bills to ask for statistics regarding water as conducting research about it ourselves may be inaccurate.

Manageability of the research
  • With teamwork and everyone’s contribution, this topic will be easy to do
  • Coming up with survey questions.
  • Carrying out the surveys through google forms.
  • We may also go to different tables or approach SST students who are free to conduct interviews
  • Compiling the surveys and getting the main reasons for water wastage.
  • Brainstorming on the different solutions to the main reasons of water wastage and finding out the attitude SST students have towards water conservation in SST.

Accessibility of the information required
  • From the surveys we will be doing, we would be able to infer fro their answers what is their attitude towards water conservation in scool.
  • How much water is used daily by a few SST students in school.
  • Using Google forms carry out our survey to find the information we are looking for.
  • How much water a person uses on a daily basis
  • Read up from the internet and compare results

  • What are the water conservation efforts in school?

  1. Have you seen people conserving water in SST, if yes, please elaborate.
  2. Have you seen people in SST wasting water? Please elaborate.
  3. How do you use water in school?
  4. What would you do if you saw your friend wasting water?

  • How does SST students’ attitude affect water conservation in school? 

  1. Do you put in effort to conserve water? If yes, please explain how.
  2. Do you feel that wasting water is a rising problem in the current society? Explain

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